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  • Обновлен: дек. 14 2014 07:52
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Патч Lost Alpha 1.3003

- - - - -

В связи с изменениями в сюжете и движке, требуется новая игра. Предыдущие сохраненияработать не будут. Патч накопительный, установка предыдущих патчей не трубется.
Из наиболее значительных изменнений:
- finetuned weapon damages again
- finetuned step sounds for earth surface (they were too silent)
- finetuned monster damages again
- finetuned ai reactions for silenced weapons and certain materials
- raised the headlamp's light angle
- disabled ammo repacker until we can make it better
- upgraded bandit outfits will now also work for the bandit infiltration task- increased secret trader stay time
- increased chance of secret trader having unique items
- removed the money robbing on Deadcity to create a smooth cutscene in prison
- added missing trade ltx for Petrenko. Note that it will only work after a certain stage in the game!
- added working trunk to white lada on Darkdolina
- added free roaming NPCs in Freeplay mode (after good ending)
- removed .avi files from the game to avoid conflict with codecs on certain computers
- reduced some more quest items' weight to zero
- added missing articles for Burer and Chimera
- removed unnescessary crashes with errors such as ! item [***_***_***] not found!!
- fixed \"can not open video stream\" crash on Swamp
- fixed missing sprint anim for Fort pistol
- fixed weather getting stuck on \"af_preblowout\"
- fixed Sin being hostile for no reason on Darkscape
- fixed random NPCS at kamp in garbage
- fixed Lukash anomaly machine task dialog
- fixed crash to desktop after final arena battle- fixed errors with unupgradable stalker exo outfit
- fixed third gift dialog with Ivancov
- fixed case where sometimes Mole would not talk after military battle
- fixed Can't find include file:[text\\eng\\string_table_tasks_swamp.xml]
- fixed [error]Description : No available phrase to say, dialog[out_hunter_start]
- fixed stalker trader leaving his post on Construction level
- fixed Sarcofagus battery not disappearing after use
- fixed case where Dolina prisoner won't talk to you if you open the cell before he is captive
- fixed crash with \"missing section\"
- fixed unresponsive military at cordon bridge
- fixed military blockposts getting hostile for no reason
- fixed early message to meet Mole from Seriy task

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