Патч Lost Alpha 1.3002

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Требуется новая игра. Предыдущие сохранения работать не будут. Патч накопительный, установка предыдущего патча не требуется. Если вы устанавливали моды, сделайте их бэкап перед установкой пачта, т. к. папка gamedata будет удалена. Моды, созданные под первый патч,могут не работать с этим патчем пока их не обновят.


- fixed vibrating (constant open and close) doors on Great Metal Factory level

- fixed inaccessible \"ashes to ashes\" stash on Darkdolina level- fixed crash for missing suit upgrade

- fixed Escape bridge soldiers dying because too far from shelter

- fixed flying trees and props on Darkscape level- fixed Pripyat geometry (missing surface)

- fixed Arena mobs missing bug- fixed no available phrase to say, dialog[dm_artefact_merger_wnd]

- fixed no available phrase to say, dialog[forg_stalker_trader_start]

- fixed map marker for bandit suit on Darkdolina

- fixed crash related to missing crossbow decor model'

- fixed level changer position from the Power Plant to Sarcofag

- fixed Radar crash near outpost

- fixed ui_repair_wnd.script:471: attempt to index field 'selected_item'

- fixed quickload after death with hotkey

- fixed Greben jobs and dialogs on Yantar

- fixed usage of motion blur effect on R2 (dynamic lightning)

- fixed Lukash task dialog

- fixed Petrenko's task and dialog on Great Metal Factory level

- fixed Sidorovich's message to kill zombies even if all are dead

- fixed incorrect RPM for upgraded sig550

- fixed can't open section 'bandages'

- fixed incorrect icon for upgraded VAL weapon

- fixed return entry to Pripyat from Outskirts

- fixed [error]Description : callback kils bone matrix bone: bip01_spine2

- fixed crash when killing stalker trader on Construction Site

- fixed some other codes for doors

- fixed broken logic for doors and camera on Lost Factory

- fixed some floating boxes and barrels in Agroprom

- fixed ai-map in Deadcity (monsters climbed the bridge from the river)

- fixed ai-map for the duty sniper on Garbage outpost

- fixed ai-map and geometry on Yantar level

- fixed green glass in windows, jars etc. on r1 (static lightning) render

- fixed shader for lamps on dx10 (bulbs in lamps visible again)

- fixed incorrect calculation of money

- fixed Pripyat secret trader, now he will appear

- fixed crash in DetailManager, often shown on Generators level

- fixed some broken freeplay tasks

- fixed pda buttons (and the crash when using it)

- fixed missing known info strings

- fixed unresponsive bloodsucker on Darkvalley when climbing through hole in roof

- fixed Deedee antidote exploit

- fixed kill statistics

- fixed No available phrase to say, dialog[forg_dolg_raid_dialog_finished]

- fixed rendering crashes on all levels, but mainly related to the last few ones

- fixed transparent window frame on Generators level

- fixed missing Sin house (esc_basement_motor_cache) stash in Escape level

- fixed upgraded icon for PSZ-9Md outfit

- fixed crash when using repair kits

- fixed Sakharov dialogs

- fixed faulty stashes on Army Warehouses level

- fixed auto fire upgrades

- fixed Deadcity money issue

- fixed kampers ignoring danger

- fixed contact's incorrect avatar on Army Warehouses level

- fixed position of anomaly which was almost inside the Bar on Great Metal Factory

- fixed crash when talking to Duty leader on the Power Plant level

- fixed trees which had no collision

- fixed No available phrase to say, dialog[escape_wolf_greatings]

- fixed broken task when Hunter moves to Outskirts

- fixed duplicating ammo in safe exploit- fixed weather

- fixed transparent metal surface on Garbage level

- fixed crash which happens if you try to talk to an npc via pda chat in the same time the npc dies

- fixed upgraded icon for VAL weapon

- fixed mutant wave on the Power Plant level (sometimes task did not finish)

- fixed reaction of monolith soldiers at the Power Plant level when player drives BTR vehicle

- fixed various small glitches


- finetuned all traders and their stock

- added missing map hint for Garbage sniper

- removed anomaly from the middle of the road on Great Metal Factory which made the access to Military level with car very hard

- Strelok's book can be dropped now, but it will be available in the articles menu on your pda as well

- now can buy cars from Outskirts barman too

- monster and character relations were tweaked

- added timer on hud for the gasmask on Rostok Factory level

- slightly increased probability of rain and thunder

- knife hit powers finetuned

- alcohol postprocess effects tweaked

- dx10 render optimized (more will come in later patches)

- added feature: when checking stash with purple icon and not taking all of theitems, the icon will change to green and will only be removed if you take all

- pda chat finetuned, if a participant goes offline, you will see message \"connection lost\"

- added X18 documents dialog to the \"barman\" Petrenko so that dialog can complete if doing task later

- made Sin neutral to the actor (to avoid misunderstanding)

- made Sin hostile towards actor_dolg (if player joins duty) and dolg (duty faction)

- added more fuel to traders and stashes

- finetuned ai reactions

- finetuned certain monster reactions

- removed extra sleeping bags from the game, but the one you have is now dropable, tradeable, and you can buy one at traders

- added ladder to the hole on the ground in Yantar to make climbing in and out more convenient

- revisioned and united all weapon hud positions

- the secret trader now sells only unique items

- added more alife to Darkscape, Forest, Outskirts and Country levels

- particles engine tweaked, finetuned and more stable

- implemented cloud shadows on r3 (dx10) render too

- added pda message about the 3rd bloodsucker to kill on Rostok Factory level

- enemies won't ignore you if you are sitting in a car

- various smaller tweaks and fixes

- removed test grenades and fixed bug so now NPCs will run from grenades they throw if they land close to them

Размер файла: 637.1 МБ

Ссылка на скачивание файла: http://goo.gl/uniGoz


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Гость Suhonam  Suhomanchegov

Нет, ну начинать новую игру - это вообще грусть печаль. И сколько их ещё таких будет?

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